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The wait is over, mSOLL Everyday Life Made Easy is at your reach since March 10th, 2023.
Easy transit, analog meets digital. Hi! mSOLL Africa is now at your reach with rewarding business opportunities and tailor-made services.

mSOLL Digital Health and Personal Finance Technology | Today's Business Incubation and Business Acceleration Network.

mSOLL Multipurpose Smartcard for Personal Finance and Health Records Processing Services. Embedded circuit chip Smartcard with integrated data processing tech for out-of-pocket healthcare service Payments and other uses.

mSOLL Global Care Technology | Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Processing (Healthcare Smartcard), Home Health and Hygiene Services.

mSOLL Financial Care Consultant | Personal Finance Service with Consumers' Multipurpose Smartcard, Health and Business Financing, Global Crowdfunding.

mSOLL Commodities | Daily Commodity Price Mitigation, daily needs cost mitigations to help save money everyday. Easy, Secured, and done from the comfort of your stand, home and office.

Launching of mSOLL Africa | mSOLL provides a diversified range of products and services to enrich businesses and individuals, a Global mutual interest platform for global service providers and service beneficiaries. Bringing Health and Financial Services to you and your community.

mSOLL new brands, Ugiry Technology and African Food Village (AFV) | mSOLL Eats, Food and Drug Platform for African food & drug service providers and service beneficiaries. Grandma Spicy and Continental Food Delivery Services to your doorstep. Order mSOLL service, products or any type of foods and have them delivered at your doorstep or eat-in. AFV ...Grandma Spicy. Bite & Swallow!

mSOLL Service and Products | Store Pickup or doorstep delivery services including Whole Foods Supply, Agribusiness Online and much more.

mSOLL.Com is a Global 24-hour service and products delivery network. The above services and business opportunities awaits you as mSOLL Asaba Office has been unveiled. Get ready for more benefits as soon as the platform is launched.

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