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mSOLL Explain! (5)

No, mSOLL is an assurance delivery plateform that provides services for health service providers and health service beneficiaries. An assurance delivery network that delivers smiles and happiness to it’s users through it’s Global outreach!

No, mSOLL is a business that markets healthcare services and products through mSOLL digital care and care finance Marketplace. Using today’s possibilities and new technologies to bring both healthcare providers, healthcare finance providers and healthcare beneficiaries together for mutual benefits!

mSOLL is a Marketplace Platform for healthcare providers, healthcare finance providers, and healthcare beneficiaries. A global peer2peer service with pay as you go installed in an out-of-pocket payment care wallet. Smartcard integrated managed and transmit patient’s electronic medical records (EMR) for future medical references. Certified care stewardship network for career pathways and digital healthcare finance brokerage. Hero service for all service providers and service beneficiaries.

Are limitless, with mSOLL’s purchase power, users are sure to pay less in all services and products of their choice. mSOLL is certified care stewardship for career pathways and digital healthcare finance brokerage for user’s needs. Provides a crowdfunding network for free crowdfunding for medical bills. In house provider of global care services to all classes and all citizenry. Modern hero service for service providers and service beneficiaries. Using today’s possibilities and technology to keep both individuals and communities healthier, happier and financially up-to-date. Sustaining health for wealth and delivering smiles to the general public. mSOLL Global Care Hero. Philosophy of …New Ideas. New Opportunities…

As Amazon is in the field of online shops, Uber in the field of taxi drivers and Airbnb in the field of apartment guest hosts? So is mSOLL in the field of Care and digital Care financing! Using today’s possibilities and technologies in bringing both care providers, care finance providers, and care beneficiaries together for mutual benefits and returns. mSOLL attained strengths in keeping humans healthier, happier and financially up-to-date while users derived great comfort from mSOLL’s assurance and limitless opportunities.

Products Explain (5)

Card2go is mSOLL Smartcard! A Health & Finance Customers Card (SureCredit Card).

It enables you to receive global health care and financial services in the best care centers and financial institutions worldwide. Never will unnecessary issues be an issue for you and ur family as we take charges of your worries while you concentrate on your daily activities.

Care2go is mSOLL Global Care Service.

It enables you to receive both paid and free services, healthcare services from the best health centers at home and abroad. Sustaining health for wealth and deliver smiles to humanity. *Using today’s possibilities and today’s technology to keep both individuals and communities healthier and happier. Helping society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Cash2go is mSOLL Care wallet and Finance Brokerage Network.

It enables you to receive both care and other needs soft-loans (life first). Financial support from individuals and citizens at the time of need (uplift one to uplift others). Global donors based on proving and confirming situations and necessities. Financial brokerage from care finance providers, global network and citizenry help save situations. Be a part of Care Hero! For never will small cash or unnecessary petty cash keeps you up at night.

Crowd2go is mSOLL Crowdfunding Support for free Health Care Procurement.

It enables individuals to receive free medical funds, services for those who can not afford medical bills (life before others). Even when one does not have all the funds, he or she can still receive health care services through mSOLL Global Crowdfunding.

Tour2go is mSOLL Medical Tourism Simplify System

It enables patients to receive pee2peer services for individual healthcare and medical tourism facilitators with satisfactory returns. Enough of African graveyards in India after BILLIONS SPENT. In most Medical Tourism Facilitators, the majority of the returnees give-up in a few months with the same diagnosis that took them out in the first place. mSOLL approaches are for the right medicine with the right professionals, be in the right place with the right approaches. The experience has to be as excellent care in a well conducive environment for fast and sustained recovery. Receive proper care in Germany, Austria, Nigeria or anywhere best suits. The take-home is Anywhere best suits with regard to the situation.

Service Explain! (1)

mSOLL provides both free and paid services and products for:
-Care Providers and Care beneficiaries
-Healthcare Industries
-Finance Cooperations
-Career Pathways
-Skill Acquisition for both youths and adults.

mSOLL Customized Services includes:

-Crowdfunding for free medical bills
-Cooperate assurance for members
-Traditional Business Mechanism, Medicine, Tips, and Research.

mSOLL Career Pathways …My Vigour. My Stipend…

Career pathways for both care professionals, self-employed and unemployed individuals (new experiences in a new track). Grow your business as a self-employed or start your own business today with mSOLL Career pathways and Say bye-bye to unnecessary challenges and joblessness!

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