mSOLL Global Care …Delivering smiles! mSOLL Marketplace provides a mutual benefits platform for global care providers, care finance and beneficiaries. A career pathway for the self-employed and unemployed.

Join care heroes and earn a living,

…Turn your mSOLL Borderless Account into any benefits of your choice with just a minimum of ₦5,000 account balance. Use your account and your smartcard (free for the first 1000 customers) to provide your services to the world or use it to benefit from mSOLL global and limitless services. Grow your business as a self-employed or start a business today with just a minimum of ₦25,000 account balance. The account balance ARE YOURS; It’s your business capital at mSOLL which you can use for any services or business transactions of your choice, at any time and anywhere. mSOLL account is FREE and it helps you to receive both affordable and free global health care and other services worldwide. Say bye to unnecessary challenges and joblessness!:

Be a global care steward and get paid!

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