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Business Account Balance enables you to start and earn as mSOLL Business Provider: e.g. Agencies, Doctors, Nurses, Clinics, Hospitals, Healthcare Finance Providers, Facilities Providers, Health Consultant, etc. mSOLL Service Beneficiary Account Balance enable both you and your clients to benefit from mSOLL Healthcare Services and Financial Brokerage; Urgent loans for medical needs and other needs, medical check-ups, medical tourism (medical services abroad), funds and service transfer, purchase global care services and products with the less possible price (with mSOLL purchase power you are always at gain), etc.

We take charges of your online presence while you concentrate on your day to day activities

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IT’S YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE PAYMENT AT mSOLL WHICH IS YOURS AND YOURS FOREVER; IT GETS YOU UP AND RUNNING WITH YOUR BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY. It’s your business capital or account balance at mSOLL. You can use it for any services or transactions of your choice, anytime and anywhere. mSOLL account is FREE and it helps you to provide your services to millions of mSOLL DIRECT-CLIENTELES and the World. mSOLL Business Providers: are e.g. Agencies, Doctors, Nurses, Clinics, Hospitals, Healthcare Finance Providers, Facilities Providers (Hotels, Apartments), etc. Must have an account balance of ₦25,000 to have the Business Provider Account Activated. Online Office or Shop presence of selling services and products. Bring more clients to your organizations and businesses, earn more incomes and profits.


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